Cell Cultureware

In 1989, Professor Teruo Okano, an emeritus professor at Tokyo Women's Medical University, engaged in the development of artificial blood vessels and developed temperature-responsive cell cultureware with temperature-responsive polymers fixed to the surface by taking advantage of the characteristics of the polymers.
Using temperature-responsive cell cultureware, cells can be detached simply by lowering the temperature to 20℃; cells can be recovered intact in the format of one sheet.
Now that temperature-responsive cell cultureware is available worldwide, many researchers actively conduct R&D activities on treatment using such cell sheets.
Currently, applications for such sheets are in widespread use, ranging from regenerative medicine to the mass culture of cells for laboratory use and other new purposes. We will make further efforts to improve and expand the production system to address increased product supply and overseas sales. To provide consistent quality and services, as well as to achieve higher customer satisfaction, we established a quality management system and obtained IS09001:2015 - an international standard.
In September 2021, we established a new cell culture equipment development and manufacturing facility near our head office. At this facility, we will develop various culture equipment centering on flask products, which are in high demand. For more information on the facility, please see Aomi Cell Cultureware Innovation Center page.

Cell Cultureware

  • UpCell®


    Temperature-responsive cell cultureware for "Cell Sheet" engineering

  • RepCell®


    Temperature-responsive cell cutureware for cell collection

  • HydroCell®


    Low cell binding cultureware

Peripheral equipment

Cell sheet support product

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