Board Members

  • Setsuko Hashimoto, Ph.D.

    Setsuko Hashimoto, Ph.D.

    Representative Board Director and President/CEO

    • Biography
    • 1984.4 Pharma Research Laboratories, Hoechst Japan Ltd.
      1991.4 Pharmacia Biotech K.K.
      1998.7 Marketing Director, Biacore K.K.
      2008.7 Bio-Business Bridge Co. Ltd.
      2009.2 Senior Investment Advisor, Invest in Sweden Agency (currently Business Sweden), the Embassy of Sweden in Japan (responsible for Life Science)
      2014.3 Vice President, CellSeed Inc.
      2014.6 President and CEO, CellSeed Inc.
  • Jun Onodera

    Jun Onodera

    Board Director, CFO

    • Biography
    • 1980.4 Sony Corporation
      1998.4 Director, Planning and Control Department, Information and Professional Products Group, Sony Corporation
      2001.10 Board Director, Sony Ericsson Inc. (Japan)
      2003.8 Vice President, Sony Ericsson Inc. (USA)
      2006.5 Senior Vice President, Sony Ericsson Inc. (Europe)
      2009.3 Representative Board Director and CFO, S-LCD (Sony/Samsung JV)
      2012.5 CEO, Sony Service & Operations of Americas
      2015.2 President, Sanden Business Expert Corporation
      2016.10 CFO and Division Director, Business Control and Planning Division, CellSeed Inc.
      2017.3 Board Director and CFO, CellSeed Inc.
  • Kenji Oeda, Ph.D.

    Kenji Oeda, Ph.D.

    External Board Director

    • Biography
    • 1982.4 Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
      2007.1 Deputy Director-General, Cabinet Office (Science and Technology Policy)
      2010.1 Fellow, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
      2011.4 Executive Director, Riken Japan
      2015.4 Advisor, Riken Japan
      2015.7 Director, Sumika Technical Information Service, Inc.
      2017.3 External Board Director, CellSeed Inc.
  • Noriko Taji, Ph.D.

    Noriko Taji, Ph.D.

    External Board Director

    • Biography
    • 2002.4 Lecturer of Undergraduate School in Management Informatics at Meisei University
      2004.10 Visiting Researcher , Venture Development Strategy Research Center of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
      2006.4 Associate Professor , MBA School at Hosei University
      2008.4 Professor , MBA School at Hosei University (present)
      2012.4 Director ,The Research Institute for Innovation Management of Hosei University
      2015.7 External Board Director ,Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
      2018.3 Visiting Scholar ,Chalmers University of Technology
      2019.3 External Board Director, CellSeed Inc.
  • Masaki Sunaoshi

    Masaki Sunaoshi

    Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    • Biography
    • 1973.4 Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.
      1986.9 Digital Equipment Corporation Japan
      1991.9 Raychem Co., Ltd.
      2012.3 CEO, Closure Systems International Japan, Ltd.
      2015.4 Adjunct Corporate Advisor, Closure Systems International Inc.
      2016.3 External Board Director, CellSeed Inc.
      2017.3 Audit&Supervisory Board Member, CellSeed Inc.
  • Toshio Yamaguchi

    Toshio Yamaguchi


    • Biography
    • 1988.10 Sanwa Tohmatsu Aoki Audit Firm (currently Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)
      1996.8 Jafco Co., Ltd.
      2008.5 Yamaguchi Accounting Firm
      2009.6 External Auditor, Digital Media Professionals Inc.
      2011.3 Corporate Auditor (External), CellSeed Inc
      2015.6 External Board Director, Extreme Co., Ltd.
  • Mariko Hirose

    Mariko Hirose


    • Biography
    • 1995.4 Braun, Moriya, Hoashi & Kubota Maritime Law Firm
      1997.7 Haruki, Sawai & Inoue Law Firm (Currently Tokyo-Marunouchi Law Offices)
      2000.2 Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda Law Firm
      2004.10 Nishimura & Asahi Law Firm
      2009.10 Representative Attorney at Law, Sunflower Law Office
      2017.3 Corporate Auditor (External), CellSeed Inc.