The 2nd Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum

Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum

The 2nd Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum

Outline of the event

Regenerative medicine, which uses cells to regenerate damaged or impaired tissues and organs, is about to become a reality. In recent years, cell sheet engineering and iPS cell technology originating in Japan have often been taken up as regenerative medicine technologies, and many reports have been made not only for basic research but also for clinical applications, and they have come to be delivered to actual patients. In addition, as next-generation regenerative medicine, we are developing a technology to create more sophisticated artificial tissues or organs by forming high-density three-dimensional tissues with many cell components by laminating cell sheets. It is done energetically.
Against this background, in 2019, we held the Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum in order to let more researchers know about the world's first cell sheet engineering from Japan. This time, which is the second time, we would like to invite young researchers, especially those involved in "cell sheet engineering", to present their epoch-making ideas and make it a forum to talk about regenerative medicine and its application to new fields. We are here.

Date November 1, 2021
Start at 13:00
Capacity 120 people (pre-registration system, first-come-first-served basis)
Programs The 2nd Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum Program
Speaker Tatsuya Shimizu, Ph,D., M.D.

 Professor, Tokyo Womenʼs Medical University, Director, Institute of Advanced BioMedical Engineering and Science
Yuji Miyahara, Ph D.

 Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Ryoichi Sakiyama Associate Professor

 Associate Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology Department of Biomedical Engineering
Kohji Nishida, Ph D.

 Professor, Graduate Schook of Medicine / Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
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Poster abstract application guidelines

Theme Research on "cell sheet", "temperature-responsive cell culture equipment" and peripheral technologies (previously published content is acceptable, within 1 year)
Qualification requirements Those who belong to academia such as universities and R & D corporations
Poster title The 2nd Cell Sheet Engineering Innovation Forum Title
Poster presentation highest award
  • Hokkaido University Kazuyoshi YAMAZAKI
Innovation award
  • Tokyo Women's Medical University Ryuichiro Tanaka
Poster presentation excellence award
  • Shinshu University Noriyuki OGAWA
  • Waseda University Kodai TAHARA
  • International University of Health and Welfare Yasushi FUCHIMOTO