Aomi Cell Cultureware Innovation Center

Regarding UpCell® and HydroCell®, we have been developing flask products in response to requests from customers to expand the culture area.
In September 2021, we established a new development and manufacturing facility for new cell culture equipment products in order to meet the increase in sales volume, mainly overseas, after the manufacturing conditions have been established.
The new facility was established in TIME24 Building, which is close to the Telecom Center Building at the head office.

We will strive to secure long-term and stable earnings while further enhancing our manufacturing capacity and strengthening the quality management system, we aim to improve corporate value.

Aomi Cell Cultureware Innovation Center Information

  • Aomi Cell Cultureware Innovation Center
  • Location Time 24 Building, 4-32, Aomi 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Scope of the business Development and manufacturing of the flask products