On February 14, 2020, we announced the financial result ended December 31, 2019 and medium-term management plan. The financial result reported the record-high sales in the regenerative medicine support business, especially in the equipment business, due to a significant increase in overseas sales from the previous year.
In 2019, regarding the contract manufacturing service, it recorded the first sales at our new cell processing center.

Under the medium-term management plan, we will develop cell sheet regenerative medicine products based on the following eight factors and aim to spread them to the world.

  • 1. "Epithelial Cell Sheet for Esophageal Regeneration"
    Promote discussions with Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) on additional clinical trials and aim for early manufacturing and marketing approvals.
  • 2. "Regenerated Cartilage Sheet (self cells)"
    Conduct clinical trials with a view to the advanced and specialized medical care in cooperation with Tokai University, which executed a joint research agreement.
  • 3."Regenerated Cartilage Sheet (allogeneic cells)"
    Accelerate the establishment of mechanisms, such as the construction of cell stocks and the automated production of cell sheets toward the early start of clinical trials.
  • 4."Next Pipeline Product "
    Start to develop the next pipeline product, after the discussions with the Tokyo Medical and Dental University for detailed examination of the periodontal ligament cell sheet.
  • 5."Business Alliance"
    Promote business collaboration actively to develop the global development of cell sheet engineering, originating in Japan.
  • 6."Opportunities for the profits in Taiwan"
    Aim to strengthen the collaboration with MetaTech (AP) Inc and joint venture company in Taiwan in order to acquire further opportunities for the profits with a view to expand investment in the regenerative medicine business in Taiwan.
  • 7."Further Expansion of Opportunities for the profits on the Equipment Business"
    Promote the development of new products of the equipment, keep a capacity of the production in response to increasing demand and aim to expand the opportunities for the profits.
  • 8."Acquisition of the opportunities for the profits from Contract Manufacturing Services”
    Promote contract manufacturing of cell sheet services and consulting services and aim to acquire the opportunities for the generating more profits.

All staff continue efforts to realize regenerative medicine and commercialization at an early date. Thank you for your continuous support for our activities.

President & CEO, Setsuko Hashimoto