2001.5 CellSeed Inc. established in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with the primary goal of pursuing research and development based on cell sheet engineering
2004.1 Sales start for RepCell® temperature-responsive cell cultureware for cell collection and HydroCell® low cell binding cultureware
2007.9 Sales start for UpCell® temperature-responsive cell cultureware for cell sheet collection in Japan
2008.2 Sales start for temperature-responsive cell cultureware outside Japan
2010.3 Currently listed on JASDAQ Growth, Tokyo Stock Exchange
2015.5 CellSeed Sweden AB established in Stockholm
2016.1 Head Office moved to Koto-ku, Tokyo (current location)
2016.8 Clinical trials begin for epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration in Japan
2017.2 Epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration receives Sakigake Designation
2017.3 Cell Processing Facility obtains license to manufacuture specified cell products
2017.4 Business alliance agreement signed with Taiwan's MetaTech(AP) Inc.
2018.10 Gained manufacturing business accreditation for regenerative medicine products
2018.11 Commenced regenerative medicine contract service
2020.1 Up Cell Biomedical Inc. established in Taiwan
2021.3 Transition to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee
2021.9 Start of operation of "Aomi Cell Cultureware Innovation Center", a facility for developing and manufacturing new cell culture equipment