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CellSeed Sweden AB

CellSeed Inc. is developing a unique platform technology for regenerative medicine, called "cell sheet engineering".
In May 2015, CellSeed Sweden AB was established to enable CellSeed Inc. to carry out clinical trials in Europe.
The presence in Sweden will faciliate us to engage in research and other activities related to regenerative medicine in Europe.

Main activities at CellSeed Sweden AB


In 2010, a collaboration was established between Tokyo Women’s Institute, Tokyo, Japan and Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden regarding a patented technology developed by Prof. Teruo Okano, Japan, for generation of autologous cell sheets. The technology was later transferred to Karolinska University Hospital, CLINTEC, Huddinge, where patients have been treated under the hospital exemption rule for non-routine products for an individual patient in compliance with Swedish regulations (LVFS 2011:3).

Development of the Epithelial Cell Sheet for Esophageal Regeneration has been promoted for wound healing and preventing esophageal structure following resection of early stage esophageal cancer via endoscopic surgery. In 2017, CellSeed initiated discussions with the European Medicines Agency regarding the establishment of a clinical trial protocol in Europe. The scale of the required trial is larger and more expensive than we anticipated. Therefore, we will carefully explore various possibilities regarding the development of the Epithelial Cell Sheet for Esophageal Regeneration in Europe.

Data from the treatment is very promising and has been presented at several conferences. A clinical trial is now planned in Europe, where the Karolinska University Hospital, and its cell therapy manufacturing facility called Vecura together with Karolinska Institutet will play central roles.

Posters and Publications


Transplantation of tissue-engineered cell sheets for stricture prevention after endoscopic submucosal dissection of the oesophagus; E. Jonas et al, United European Gastroenterology Journal (2016) 0(0) 1-13 ≪Download here


Tissue Engineered Cell sheets for Prevention of Strictures in patients undergoing Esopahgeal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection; S. Sjoqvist et al (POSTER)≪Download here

The use of Tissue-Engineered Cell sheets to improve healing after Radiofrequency Ablation in the Esophagus; P. Elbe et al (POSTER) ≪Download here

Company Information for CellSeed Sweden AB

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VAT number: SE 559012960601
Contacts Contacts:Camilla Huse Bondesson, Country Manager of CellSeed Sweden AB
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